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Read what some of my customers think about the quality of this product and the level of service they received:



  • Mike,

     I’d just like to let you know I installed this over a layer of resonance matting on what is a firewall that radiates a great amount of heat into the cabin.  I only put the one layer (had considered 2) but it transformed the car.  From not being able to touch the right hand side of the firewall, it’s now maybe only just warm.  And I used it for noise in other parts of the car and it has helped immensely there too!
    I will use it all the time on any resto’s I do from now on.
    Fantastic stuff.

    Chris in Tasmania Australia


  • my 1974 Mustang II, Mach I project. My first impressions of the product is the ease of installing the product. Other than very complex stampings on the floorboard, the EZ Cool formed very easily. I used 3M Trim Adhesive to tack it down and it has no problem staying in place. Perhaps the most satisfying place it was installed was in the well for the spare tire. I have enclosed pictures and, as you can see, it really worked well.  My son, who is a mechanic, helped me with the install and we both laughed when we realized that the beautiful finished job will be covered over with carpet and trim. We will, however, know it is there when we drive the car in the summer heat and “feel” it working. Thanks again for a great product and hope to send you much business in the future.


  • I received the sample. Thanks for sending it so quickly. This stuff is amazing! I don't have any previous experience with a heat shield product and didn't really know what to expect as far as performance. I taped the sample to an old air cleaner lid, put a heat gun on the back side for about a minute. In the area where the sample was not taped, the metal read 238 degrees F with an infrared thermometer. I then measured the temperature of the sample and read 76 degrees F. As soon as I moved the thermometer immediately adjacent to the un-insulated area, it went back to 238. Amazing! I'll be ordering material on the website this weekend.
    Jim in Powell, OH


  • Got it. This stuff is great!  I plan on sending you some pictures when I'm done.  I put it in the engine compartment (as a sound and fire wall) and all over the inside (interior) of my '68 VW Bus.  I wish I had a decibel meter to do a before and after but I can already tell that the acoustics have changed plus it will regulate the temperature a lot better in there.
    John in Santa Maria, CA

  • Hi from recent customer Marco - pleased to send you these pics of the Low E install; noticeable difference!  This little MGB/GT was a rolling oven before ... cooler & quieter now!  The 10 x 4 roll was just enough for the cabin; I've recommended you to my huge (almost 100,000 members worldwide) online MG owner's club.  Best regards and thanks again!
    Marco in Miami, FL

  • I'm just about finished outfitting my 68' VW Bus with your EZ Cool material and thought I would share some pics. I used it in the engine compartment as a heat shield plus I wanted to absorb and deflect some of the notorious loud VW sound away from the passengers. I also lined the entire floor with ez cool over a Dynamat-type material to insulate and sound protect the bus. I had people say they could already tell a sound difference before (from talking inside of the bus) before I was even finished laying it all down.


  • Just wanted to drop a note to you regarding your EZ Cool insulation. I just finished installing it in my custom 59 Chevy Fleetside truck. The product is very easy to work with and does the job as you have claimed. Between engine heat from the firewall and headers and the mufflers just behind the cab, the heat was reduced dramatically and the engine and exhaust noise as well. Thank you for a good product at a good price. I will spread the word with my fellow rodders.
    Keith in Cedar Rapids, IA

  • Received the sample (Thank You!) and gave it a “test”:  A heat gun was held on a 5”x8” piece of thin sheet-metal (with insulation sample attached to backside) for about 10 minutes.  The hottest area of the unprotected sheet-metal was about 280 degrees, but protected side (the exposed surface of the insulation) never got over 83 degrees (ambient air temperature was 68 degrees).  I’ve since placed my order for 480 SQFT on your website.  If this works anywhere near as good in my custom car, I’ll be extremely happy!  Looking forward to receiving the product... 
    Ralph in Citrus Heights, CA

  • A couple of weeks ago I ordered some of your insulation on a weekend and used PayPal to pay for it, I am an HAMB alliance member and mentioned that in the PayPal transaction, I received the insulation (fast Shipping) and a couple of days later I received a notice from PayPal that you had credited the HAMB discount back to me. I want to thank you, you have my vote as being a #1 company to buy from. I will sure point any business you way when possible. Again Thanks, Vergil

  • Just wanted to thank you for some great insulation; I am using it in the cab of my M35a2 military "deuce and a half". It molds to any shape and the 3M adhesive works great with it.
    I will be covering it with a special foam mat that I am cutting to shape also on the floor areas, but am just spraying a little OD paint on it in other areas so it won't "shine". I will be posting pictures on STEEL SOLDIERS website and giving you some advertising when I figure out how to post pics. I finished my "floor mats" today [cut from 1/2" thick anti-fatigue matting] and reinstalled my seats My interior looks wonderful. THANKS AGAIN for a great product!

    Asa in S.C.

  • Ordered it Friday, Had it MONDAY!!!! AWESOME!!!!!

  • Picked up the insulation today. Going to tell everyone this is the one to use.

  • The insulation was easy to work with. It did reduce the heat around the console that is a common problem with corvettes. The stereo sounds better and road noise has been reduced. This is a good product and I want to get more. Martin in Florida

  • This product is so easy to work with and performs as described, great heat insulator and sound deadener. The install I did was on a 2002 Dodge Caravan. Between getting tools needed and prep work, one hour tops. Tools needed: 1 can 3M spray glue, box cutter knife or scissors, tape, measure, easy. Simon in New York

  • Hi this is Matt (matt2491 on the HAMB). Today I finished installing your insulation on the floor of my truck. Mike said to send pictures if I took some...  Anyways, the insulation adhered to the floor great. I love the stuff. Haven't drove the truck with the insulation yet so I can't say how well it works but I hope it is as good as it looks and feels.

  • I just got done installing your product in my 1962 Chevy Impala and I am very pleased with how nice your insulation was to work with and how nice the job came out. It looks like a pro did it and it was easy to do. It also saved me a lot of money over Dynamat.  Thanks again,  Dave

  • Hi. I've used this material on two cars. We completely lined the interior of my son's 1972 Cutlass Supreme. It has headers, loud mufflers, etc and the noise reduction in the car was amazing. Currently I'm doing my 1950 Mercury. Headers, glasspacs, old school custom. I am purchasing my third roll to finish under the rear seat and the trunk. Great material. Easy to work with and form. Stays put and works great. I would recommend using this material on your next or current project! Jim in Indiana

  • I have to say I had my doubts when the roll of insulation came in the mail that it would actually work to keep the sound out.  After hours of installing I still had my doubts when I installed my carpet back and seats that it would do anything. I was shocked when I took my car for a test drive.  What a world of difference, no longer does my exhaust drown out my stereo.  I can't even tell if I am accelerating too fast now because I can barely hear the exhaust get louder.  Seriously guys I am amazed I will be definitely buying some more insulation rolls for my 41 ford next.  Thanks for such a great product. 


  • I have used your product and I am amazed at what it can do.  It can definitely deaden sound as advertised.  I am going to buy me another roll so I can completely do my car.

  • I am very pleased with this insulation and would like to let you know. I installed it in my 1978 Trans Am through out the whole interior of the car including the roof. Since it has foil on both sides it makes it easy to glue in the car and it also stops twice the heat than regular insulation. I recommend it to anybody restoring an old car. Enclosed are a couple of pictures, feel free to use them in your photo section. Thanks, George
  • Mike and Kelly,
    Thank you for providing such a great product at a great price. I am attaching pictures of my recent install in my '53 Ford F100. I was so impressed by the performance and light weight of the insulation that I am placing a second order for my street/track car. I had previously pulled the entire carpet and every bit of insulation out of it, to save weight. Since your product is so lightweight, I have decided to use a layer, underneath a lightweight carpet, to make the car more livable for the rare occasions that I do drive the car on the streets. I look forward to doing business with you again and I will be recommending your product to my customer's. Thank you, Sterling
  • WOW !!!!! Is all I can say. My 54 used to be a load clankity old driver and now with the insulation throughout the interior the car is quiet as a mouse, plus the doors now sound good and solid when they close. I also used it under my hood because i was having heat issues with the paint and that is cleared it looks killer. I bought the big ol daddy roll, so with my HAMB Alliance discount I saved a bunch and have a good amount left over for other projects. Hell i lined my drawers of my tool box under the black mat, my daughters ol school metal lunch box and my garage door...all worked killer and is so damn easy to work with. This stuff will glue down over all kinds of contours and cuts easily with the ol lady's sewing scissors...hehehehe
  • Shipped & received promptly. Looks like it should work great. Fair price.
  • Good service! Hot rodders are always good to deal with! I'm one too!
  • Excellent in every respect.
  • Nice product, good shipping, packing A++
  • Great person and product with super fast shipping AAAAAA++++++++++
  • Second time I've bought from! Great, Smooooth transaction! Thanks!! AAA+++
  • I just insulated my hot rod with this product. Very nice and easy to use.
  • Lightning fast shipping, great product, perfect description, great communication.
  • Second time buyer, great service, Thanks
  • Accurate description, good communications, fast shipping, reasonable charges, A+
  • Quick and helpful. Will buy from them again!
  • Huh?? What?? I can't hear you!! I got awesome sound insulation!!
  • This is the best insulation I ever used. It keeps the cab whatever temp you need it and will keep any noise out. I am buying my 2nd roll to use for my hood now. All I can say is WOW...a great AMERICAN made product.
  • !!!WOW!!! GREAT STUFF!!! I love the fact that this is not the peel and stick type of insulation. I was able to lay the insulation down on the back side of the firewall inside my truck and adjust it before the glue set up. I'm not a dead eye so being able to make adjustments was my main reason for the purchase. After what I have read on your web site and on the "HAMB" I'm very confident my truck will be cool and a lot quieter on the inside. The pricing was great and you delivered it before I was ready for it. What more can I say? Needless to say I will be purchasing more to finish off the cab this fall. Thanks again, George in CA
  • Just a quick note . . . completed placing my second order.  We applied insulation to the back 20% of our Ford Victoria . . . decided we like the idea of NOT having the “self adhesive” and will proceed with insulating the balance of the project, portion at a time, when materials arrive.  We are using single layer, and will provide feedback at completion.  So far, so good! Al in CA
  • We asked for an alliance member (on the Jalopy Journal H.A.M.B. forum) to do an impartial test of our insulation. THIS WAS THE RESULT.
  • I have a 67 Bonneville with A/C, that is a daily driver. I live on the east coast of central Florida, which is best described as "hell, only hotter".( upper 90's with 70+% humidity.) After converting to R-134, the A/C was "acceptable". In the garage, I had vent temps around 45 degrees, but, in "real world" conditions, it was barely adequate. I put a panel of your insulation on the motor side of the A/C box and noticed not only a decrease in air temp. but a reduction in noise. I went back and covered the entire A/C box. All I can say is WOW!, I no longer need to run the high fan and get "frozen out", Heat soak and re-cool after sitting is a non-issue. As a side benefit, I found a DRAMATIC reduction of noise inside the car, The insulation molds around the box, like it was painted on. 3M adhesive holds it in place with ease. With what I have left, I plan to do my wife's Trans Am. This stuff is Great. I've started looking around to find other uses, just so I can use more. Maybe the house A/C, or the water heater, this could go on forever. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
  • Item was shipped very quickly, hard to do considering I'm in Canada.
  • Incredibly fast shipping...just as described, great price. AAAA++++
  • Hey this guy was GREAT! Item as advertised, super fast shipping, a pro, thanks!
  • In the testimonials I read about the guy who found the Low-E insulation so easy to install, he used more than he planned and had to order more. I didn't want to have that happen to me so I ordered two rolls. Well, I found the Low-E Insulation to be easy to form around humps and bumps and fast to work with. I covered everything possible, until I ran out. In a 1972 Mustang coupe, two rolls will do almost everything except front kick panels, headliner and behind the dash. I had already used fiberglass in the head liner anyway. I will be ordering another roll and extra tape to finish up. This stuff looks so much better than the pre cut asphalt under carpet stuff I was going to use. I did use the asphalt ,but on top of the Low-E insulation.
    David in Idaho
  • Hello Mike, I just ordered some more of your wonderful product. I used it for my 1946 chevy truck project. Let me tell you, it was the BEST and EASIEST insulation I have ever used. I have restored and built several old trucks, and will be using your product from now on. I?ve told my friends about your insulation, and they were impressed when they looked at it in the 46. I used it in the doors, firewall, behind the seats, and for the headliner. It is EASY to work with and looks SO GOOD, I hate to cover it up. I am including a picture of my 46. Thanks again, Jerry in Arkansas.
  • I am installing the insulation into my 76 Corvette - It's so easy to fit and install. I have used the spray glue and some heavy duty double faced carpet tape - both work well. Here are some pictures. I thought one roll would be enough - I think I will need another roll. It was so easy to install, I added more to the rear section than I had originally planned. Marty in Defiance, OH
  • I drive a 96 eclipse, and this product is the greatest stuff ever...SUPER easy to work with all u need is 3m spray adhesive and a razor or a knife..... great price, great product, great shipping A+++ 
    Matt in Tennessee

  • I just purchased my second roll of your product. Used the first to install inside the doghouse of my motorhome using 3M 08090 adhesive. WOW - this is great stuff! It was very easy to cut, use and to install. We just completed a 1200 trip in the motorhome and within the first 5 minutes of driving, everyone was commenting on the reduction in engine noise. In addition, I noticed a huge reduction of heat transfer (an absence of heat actually!) to my right foot from the engine cover. It truly made the trip much more enjoyable. I'm now anxious to insulate other areas of the motorhome, as well as to use the product in the windows while the vehicle is being stored. There's lots of insulation choices out there - I relied on your honesty in advertising and could not be happier. Thanks!
    Todd in Thousand Oaks, CA

  • I had already installed some in the floorboard of my 1972 Chevy pickup to keep the heat out, when I decided to install it under my hood. After driving it around town the exterior paint was cool to the touch and I also noticed a reduction in engine noise. This insulation works great and I highly recommend it. Luis in Idalou, TX

  • GREAT product, great shipping, great deal...couldn't be happier!!!

  • Fast shipment to BC product on time and as pictured, very good seller A+

  • Quick shipping. Would recommend and buy from again. A++

  • Thank you for an awesome product at an awesome price.

  • Rapid delivery, honest cost for shipping, professional.

  • Prompt shipping! NICE! Will probably buy more!

  • Easy sale with quick shipping. Will shop here again.

  • I restore/custom build Street Rods and Muscle Cars. This is THE product and Man.

  • Insulation Looks Great, Fast Ship Best Sq\Ft. Quantity for $$$, THANKS

  • Extra fast shipper + nice product + good value!!!!

  • I don't have a full fledged testimonial since I just installed the insulation yesterday, although I can say It reduced road noise ALOT! As far as a temperature difference I will have to get back to ya ASAP.

  • Nice insulation at about 1/3 the price in stores. Thanks again!

  • Excellent response, great product - a pleasure to do business with!

  • Great product, quick shipping. Will buy more. Thanks. +++++

  • Good product, 3rd time I have bought from this vendor.

  • Great seller, fast deliver, product better than expected, will buy from again!!!
  • Quickest shipping ever! Very happy with the insulation!
  • 100 % The way it should be !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nice insulation, probably the fastest shipment I've had....thanks
  • Fast shipping to Canada, very pleased with product, would do it again, thanks
  • This stuff is great for insulating our poly tanks. It's easy to form and looks seamless when we are done. Thanks! Gary in Midland, TX
  • Great stuff and it really is as good as the description says. AWESOME PRICE!
  • This is an awesome product, reduced noise in our 1964 Falcon.
  • Item as described, easy to work with. Great product. Thanks.
  • Fast shipping! The most user friendly material I have ever worked with! A+++++++
  • Perfect transaction, perfect product, five stars.
  • Attached to this email are some pics of the installation of your insulation material on my 50 Chevy. So far, I've done the trunk, rear deck and rear seat areas including the interior of doors and floor. I've found that this insulation is a snap to install using the 3M adhesive. It is easy to apply to flat and curved surfaces. Even without the seats and carpet installed back, the cars rides quieter! I'm impressed and am ordering more to finish off the front areas including the firewall and doors. Thanks !
    Philip in Houston, TX  (Click on images to see Philip's installation)

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